Sunday, November 13, 2011

Illustration - New Character Designs for Bad Dog (part 1)

You guys remember my comic from Narrative Illustration? Well, that turned into a full-blown, 47 page screenplay (wherein the little girl Linda lives with nuns and attempts to kill the dog "that killed her mom"). I'm very proud of the story and the screenplay, but I felt like the characters could use some updating. I spent my Advanced Character Design class recreating them, with some great results.

The main character from the story. She's an eight-year-old girl who loses her mother to a serial killer in the town, and Linda believes that this killer is actually a stray dog she's run into. The nuns take the orphaned girl in, and after recruiting another girl, Linda sets out to kill the monster that took away her mother. The screenplay is essentially her coming-of-age story.

This is one of the only characters who did not appear in the original comic. I included her in the screenplay because I wanted Linda to have another kid roughly her age to talk to, so that all of the dialogue wouldn't just be a little kid talking to adults. Becky is a bad influence on Linda, and often says things before thinking them through all the way.
The Black Dog
The dog is the main villain of the story. He contracts rabies from the rabbit carcass her devours at the story's opening, and grows sicker and sicker as the days pass. He is fully rabid by the final confrontation.

Sister Mary and Sister Francine
These are the two nuns who take Linda in. They live in a convent beside Linda's school, where they act as librarian and principal, respectively. Sister Mary is the tall, gaunt one, who is cold and distant but an old softie at her core, while Sister Francine is the stout, bubbly one who takes the firmer hand with the girls.

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