Sunday, November 13, 2011

Illustration - New Character Designs for Bad Dog (part 2)

And now...back to Bad Dog!
Father Preston
The priest who presides over Sarah's funeral and later, helps Linda get through her anger about losing her mom. He was the most difficult to redesign, mostly because I wasn't sure if I wanted him to stay young as in the original comic, or to become an older, more fatherly figure to Linda.
But in the end, I felt this design didn't mesh with his character.
Sarah and Preston's Redesign
I finished these two together to save space. Sarah is Linda's mother, who only appears at the beginning of the film. Mostly, she is young, pretty, and a good mom. And here's the new Preston.
Detective Reed
The man in charge of the serial murder case. He's a small-town detective, but not without smarts. He is also a new addition via the screenplay, and also serves as a father figure to Linda.

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