Sunday, April 10, 2011

Illustration and Game - The Evolution of the Ponga

For the past year, I've been doing artwork for a small gaming company called Action-Reaction labs. I've learned so much about making video games and art, and I want to show off one of the characters I designed for them.

I call this guy Ponga. He was created for a game we ended up scrapping, so I get to keep the design and do with it as I chose.

Here's a concept screen for the game. It was going to be for iPhone, and the goal is to get the weird blue creature in the middle to the goal point off screen. Also, bear-pillar.

And here is my 3D model of Ponga, which I've been working on in my 3D character class. I'll put up my short animation test of him once I finish the apple toss.


  1. Hey Kat!
    this is Lillian from Siggraph :) we worked together today at the bontique! awesome stuff :)